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Founded in 1991, Les Jardins® soon rose to become a leader in outdoor teak furniture in France. It has since developed to incorporate a full range of modern materials to its collections – aluminium, batyline, ceramic, HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), resin wicker, galvanized steel, etc. – and become a key player in the high-end outdoor furniture market.

Evolution is progress.  As the world spins forward, Les Jardins® endeavours to become better, to do more, to expand, and to increase. Developing new and improved products, and introducing them to new markets, is in the company's DNA.

It's not only something the company do well but it's also something that brings them tremendous joy and satisfaction to its team. Hopefully, its innovative, progressive nature has the same effect on its customer.


Inspired by French Art de vivre, Les Jardins® pays tribute to the Provençal lifestyle-its people and places, its lush colours, climate, foods, and fragrances.

Eco-design is a central concern for the brand, aiming at proposing products which can be easily recycled, take up less space and are long-lasting to minimize their impact on the environment.


Projects & Products

International projects :

For more than two decades, our Europe-based parent company has provided exquisite exterior furnishings and lavish accessories to five-star luxury hotels and resorts on five continents, as well as to private residences from St. Tropez to St. Barthelemy.​

  • Hotel Trump International Las Vegas - USA

  • Hotel restaurant Le Miramar -Monaco

  • Hotel Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp – Kenya

  • Hotel Aegon Mykonos – Greece

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