The Brand

Mojow is a creative laboratory that has given birth to a new eco-friendly collection of furniture that will appeal to a cosmopolitan generation, an urban tribe with a sure taste, eager for discovery.


Design and customizable, for indoors or outdoors, Mojow offers a wide range of seats and tables with a design and inflated spirit! Its French signature brand was presented in museums such as the Center Pompidou in Paris or the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art.

It is near Tours, in France’s authentic countryside, that Olivier Santini designs all the pieces of his extraordinary collection. The wooden structure of the seats is sourced from the same region.


Quality & Sustainability 

Whether used inside or outside, Mojow seats never compromise on quality. Their inflatable part is made out of "TPU", an innovative material: recyclable and biodegradable, odourless and chlorine-free, it can resist to extreme temperatures, both high and low, is UV-resistant, scratch and tear resistant and easily washable.

The material is fireproofed to comply to commercial properties requirements. Last but not least, its softness makes it highly flexible and comfortable.

Projects & Products

International projects:

  • Design Collab Mojow x French contemporary painter NEP

  • Mojow enters the permanent collection of MoMa San Francisco and Pompidou Center in Paris, the French Museum of Modern Art

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